Homework of 23/8/2018

Sr Class Homework
1 Nursery Eng: Learn Do H.T
Math: Learn Do H.T
Q.P: Learn khana Kahny Ky Bad Ki Dua
Rhy: Learn Hot Cross Buns
2 Prep Urdu; Test Hafty Ky Dino Kay Nam
Math: Test Counting Is Words 1 to 10
E.B: Learn Pg. 122
U.B: Do H.T Pg. 122
3 One  


4 Two Eng-B: Learn C.T
Urdu: Learn C.T
S.St: Learn C.T
Sci: Reading
Quran: Madni Qaida Lesson No.10 Pehli Line
5 Three Eng- Chap 6 reading/dictation

Sci: Learn U.19 Q.1
ISL: Learn L. Gebat Or Bohtan Q.1,2
Math: Test 2 Times Table and Book Pg. 27 to 30
U.A: Book Reading L. Marie Ki Sair

6 Four Urdu-A: Test Reading and Writing Full Unit. Achye Sehriee
S.St: Learn C.T
Math: Pg. 95 To 114 Test
Eng-B: Test Abjective Pg. 41 to 44
7 Five Eng-B: Test 2nd Para Pg. 133
Math: Ex 7.3 and Revise Ex 7 MCQS Test
Urdu: Test Haroofe Elat Or Haroof Shart
Comp: Test Q. 5,6 Unit.7
S.St: Test U.11 Full
8 Six Math: Test All Definition, MCQs, Fill In The Blanks, Of Ch.6, 7, 8
Eng-B: Do H.W Past Indefinite Tense
Sci: Test Pg.118, 119
Comp: Test Summary
Eng-B: Test Story the Wolf of Comb and Word Similar
Urdu-B: Test Again
His: Test Written All S.Q 4,5
9 Seven Comp: Test Of Unit 5 Summary
Sci: Test Unit 11
Urdu: Test OF Last Two Chapter
Isl: Test Long Q.4 Of 2 Last Chapter
His: Test Jang Azadi , Hazrat Shah Wali-Ul-Allah
10 Eight Eng: My School para graph
ISL: Test Hadees No.5
Bio: Learn Pg. 92,93
Eng: Test Letter No.6,7 Review Ex 2 Learn



Phy: Test S/ Q of Ch.6 H.W
Bio: Learn H.W Blood Group systems of Ch.9
Math: H.W Ex. 9.3 Q.3 Part 2, 3, 4 of Ch.4
Eng: Test Q/A Amd Ex Of Ch.2 Patriotism
Chem: Test H.W Definitions Fof Pg. 153 Next 20.
Urdu: Test Alfaz, Maine Sabaq 5 , 6 , 7 , 8



Phy: Unit.2 Pg.26 to 28 Learn
Math: Ex. 2.2 Q.2, 3, 4 Do Parties
Bio: Osmoregulation Function of Kidney
Chom: Hydrocarbons H.W Learn and Write P.Study: Test Sawal No.7 Bab No.6