Striving for Excellence

Since 2013 The Superiors & IBL College of Computer Science has successfully established the largest quality education network in the private sector across Pakistan.

Besides imparting education at The Superiors school levels, the Superiors proudly owns and maintains in Shakargarh.

The institutions of The Group, however, offer opportunities for education across the country commensurate with our own cultural values while maintaining national and international standards.

Realizing the importance of International Education which plays a pivotal role in the physical and mental development of children, The Superiors has taken a landmark initiative by establishing Resource Academia for preschool, primary, middle and senior school levels.

Our every educational setup is striving for excellence with committed and highly qualified teacher community in an environment of the finest physical and academic facilities, hi-tech computer and fully equipped science laboratories, and well-stocked libraries.

It is further substantiated that the mission to spread cost-effective quality education, which is already at the priority of The Group, is made possible through alliance-based education network across Pakistan, entitled as: Arise’n’ Shine, Little Millennium &TaahaCampus . The Group has launched The Superiors to meet the need of Pakistani community settled abroad in particular and to stand-out in the International market of Education in general.

With the Great Grace of Almighty Allah, our progress manifests our commitment and sustainability for the noble cause of Education.


Prof. Dr. Mian Muhammad Adil Farooq

PhD (Software Engineering)

Executive Director